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Naron Cream

Naron Cream

We offer highly effective Naron Cream for our valued clients. Formulated using herbal ingredient, Naron Cream conforms to the defined parameters of the medical industry. Naron Cream maintains vaginal pH and this in turn can check the growth of pathogenic micro-organisms and thereby maintain genital hygiene. The lubricant of Naron Cream produces smoothness to prevent soreness, itching and dryness in vagina, especially in the advanced age. It also increases the coital enjoyment and ultimate satisfaction to both partners. It also strengthens the wall of vagina and narrows the lumen which gives more pressure to penis during intercourse promising pleasure.

Recommended in the following indications
  • Flaccid vagina
  • After delivery
  • Repeated abortion
  • Obesity
  • Menopausal woman
  • Dryness of vagina in old ages
  • Satisfaction during intercourse

  • Unique Herbal formula
  • Vaginal tonic as a cream
  • Contracts vaginal muscles
  • Improves tone & elasticity of wall
  • Improves vaginal hygiene
  • Lubricates dry vagina
  • Increases the coital enjoyment

Apply cream intravaginally as a gentle massage once in a day after cleaning the genital parts with warm water.